Hi, I'm Tim James.  

    I practice law in Yankton, South Dakota.  
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   I have devoted the bulk of my career to fighting for the  underdog.  I guess it runs in the family.  When
growing up, I  heard my dad refer to those he trusted and respected as "salt of the earth."  Those folks are
my clients.  If you're a silver-spooner, a snob or a bully - I'm likely not the lawyer for you.

   Just because I come from the "sticks" doesn't mean I  fell off a turnip truck.  I've taken on the big
insurance companies, hospitals and even other lawyers when they failed at their responsibilities to their
patients and clients.  Sure, they've roughed me up some - but I'm still in the fight.  I'm not impressed with
their money, power or political influence.  I work for you.   The only guarantee I can make is that I will try

My philosophy is simple:

 If you agree to do a job - do it right.   If you make a mess - clean it up.
311 Walnut Street
P.O. Box 879
Yankton, SD 57078